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Tanya Tandoc

June 4, 2015

Tandoc, Tanya Susann, 45, of Wichita, chef, restauranteur, teacher, dancer, artist and musician died June 4, 2015. Tanya was born in Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada on September 23, 1969 to Dr. Valentin and Dr. Bonnie Tandoc. She was the oldest of three siblings and is survived by her parents, brother Warren Tandoc and wife Ann Tandoc of Wichita, sister Elissa McDonald and husband Drew McDonald of Independence, Missouri, stepson Evan Gottstine, and an enormous group of cherished friends.   Tanya grew up in Newton, Kansas and graduated early, with academic honors, from Newton High School. She attended the University of Kansas and the California Culinary Academy. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Wichita State University with honors.    In lieu of flowers, please make a generous contributuion to the Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center or the Kansas Humane Society.  In care of Petersen Funeral Home 215 North Main Newton, Kansas 67114

There will be a celebration of Tanya’s life Thursday, June 11, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. at the Orpheum Theater in Wichita,Kansas.   Tanya’s beautiful smile, delightful, infectious laughter and often uncontained amusement will brighten our hearts for ever and ever.

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113 thoughts on “Tanya Tandoc

  1. You touched the lives of so many. Your love, compassion and beautiful smile will live on in each of us. Tell the fellow classmates of 88 hello and we will see you all again someday.

  2. To my friends Dr Tandoc and Bonnie,

    Yesterday I heard the tragic news of you losing your beloved Tanya. I am saddened beyond words. The entire community feels the loss of a beautiful, warm, and talented young woman. Tanya touched the lives of so many people in this community. After reading all the beautiful comments about Tanya I thought to myself I wish I would have been her friend. What a legacy Tanya has left in the Wichita community. Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers..Carol Schmidt

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you all in this time of great loss. I didn’t know Tanya well, personally, but I do have a fond memory of her playing the cello once while visiting your home. I was awestruck but the beauty of her talent. Love and prayers for you all.

  4. To my friends Dr.Tandoc and Bonnie, I have known you for 25 years and have seen your family grow up. Words can not express the sorrow I feel for this loss. Tanya touched the lives of so many people and she will be missed greatly. Her legacy will live on through those she touched. You both along with your family are in my thoughts and prayers through this difficult time. ….Mandy

  5. May you soar with the Angels…and make them an amazing soup!!! God bless your family and friends.

  6. Dr Val and Bonnie, There are no words to adequately express how sorry I am for your loss. Please take comfort in all the kind words and love that others have shared for Tanya. She was a combination of you both and was loved so many. There is never enough time in life to say and do all that we desire. Take comfort in knowing what a wonderful person you raised that had such a positive influence on so many. Sending all my love and thoughts to you and the rest of the family. – Kim

  7. The family of Tanya Tandoc, I watched Tanya grow up and turn into a beautiful person; one that lives life to the fullest. She never knew a stranger. I just wanted to let you all know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers as you all go through the coming days, weeks, months, and years. May God Bless and be with you all during your journey.

    Love and prayers to you all,
    Debbie (Friday) Davis

  8. Bonnie and Val – My heart breaks for you and your family. I’ve been praying for you, to help you through this. I love you guys. – Mindy

  9. My heart has been broken for your family. I didn’t know Tanya extremely well, but she always took time out of her day to help answer my cooking questions. She will always be my inspiration in all things culinary. She always had a warm hug and smile for me that I will never forget. There are no adequate words. Just thoughts and prayers for comfort.

  10. My Teacher, my Mentor, my Friend. My heart is broken. I will so sorely miss you. My goal is try to be more like you…to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and enjoy every experience. Your Spirit and zest for life has inspired so many people and impacted so many lives. Wichita won’t be the same without you. Love and Prayers.

  11. Dr Val, Bonnie and family I am sorry for the tragedy that your family is having to endure a this horrible time. Tanya was so much an inspiration to many people, I am grateful to have met her and known both you Bonnie and Dr Val. You are in my in my thoughts and prayers… Pam

  12. A beautiful, creative, courageous soul was Tanya. She was always good to me. She will be missed by many. Her light will be so far away, but it will always shine. She was a gift to Wichita and to all who loved her. Good-bye, sweet Tanya. I love you – n

  13. Because of our disparate schedules, our lives rarely intersected but I always counted Tanya as a friend. Caring, funny, supportive and oh so fearless about living life. I’d have a doubt about a project and I’d look to her example and forge forward. Her beautiful physical presence will be missed, but she will be with us always, nodding…smiling…saying “go ahead…you know you can! ”

    Deepest sympathy and sincerest condolences…

  14. Love…Light…Grace…and…Peace
    to ALL those who loved Tanya
    and to their hearts, souls and homes……………………..

  15. I’m so sorry for your families time of such a devistating action against such a great woman and person you raised, Val and Bonnie! The grace of God will comfort you in this time and the days ahead! Prayers for all of you!

  16. Dearest Bonnie and Val,
    My thoughts and prayers have been with you, Warren, and Elissa since hearing of Tanya’s passing. I have loved and admired you for years and treasure our friendship. Tanya was a beautiful, extraordinary person — a flash of brilliance against the sky. Her life and “you can do anything” philosophy impacted so many, many people. May she rest in the peace she always radiated.

  17. She was a creature of warmth, light and graciousness. My visits will never be the same and my memories of her will never be deminished.

  18. Tanya was a great friend through the years in Newton. She was always a free spirit that brightened my day as well as many others. Dr. Tandoc, Bonnie and family, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  19. I’ll think of her often and do my best to remember her with joy rather than with sadness.

  20. My deepest condolences go out to the Tandoc family. Tanya’s legacy of love and life will be remembered by all who knew her. She was a joy.

  21. I was not close to Tanya, but admired her work ethic, enthusiasm and support for her friends and fellow entrepreneurs. Her joy in life and all that it presented were reflected in that beautiful smile. May her family and friends find peace.

  22. What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us

    – Helen Keller

    May your light always burn bright Tanya.

  23. Prayers for love and peace to your family. Tanya will truly be missed by all!

  24. When I met Tanya she greeted me as if I were an old friend. People like that are hard to forget and a joy to remember. She will live on in the memories or all of those who knew her. Peace, love and comfort to all those who are grieving her loss.

  25. I never had the privilege to meet Tanya but knew who she was. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about her for years. So sorry for her loss. The world lost a beautiful soul. Thoughts & love to her friends a family.

  26. Words cannot express the sorrow I feel right now. My deepest condolences to your family.

  27. I am so sorry for your loss. I only met Tanya recently during a workshop at TribalFest. The workshop was at the end of a long day so everyone was tired. She made us all laugh. She was warm and kind. Her friends in the bellydance community will miss her dearly.

  28. Tanya was a part of our life & will be remembered. Prayers go out to the family.

  29. Tanya, so full of grace, soulful, spunky and fun all at the same time. We will miss you. Wichita is a dimmer place without you.

  30. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry this has happened to such a special woman.

  31. Although I only met you in passing a few times, your light shined. You always treated me as if you’d known me for a long time. I will always remember your encouraging words about learning belly dancing @ Tribal Fest 13. I am angry that someone you were just trying to help through a tough time took you away from us. I hope that all you have touched keep a piece of that amazing kind heart you have in their minds but also that this tragedy can help protect others. You will be greatly missed dance sister.

  32. It is very rare for a single individual to touch the hearts of so many. My heart goes out to her family, friends, and community. She was here to teach us how to be more human.

  33. Dr.T &Dr. Bonnie I Am so so sorry for your terrible loss of a daughter. You’re in my prayers and Love

  34. My sincere condolences to the family. What a heartbreaking loss this is to the city of Wichita as well.

  35. To the family of Tanya, my heart breaks for your tragic loss. Your sorrow must be so painful. I know your beautiful Tanya has the heavens lit up with her shining spirit. May God comfort you.

  36. You touched so very many lives in all walks of life in such a positive way…always encouraging, always upbeat, always so focused on the fabulous journey while aiming for the goal)))…you were always the strength and impetus behind such wonderful ideas…always ways had a kind word and a hug for everyone. ..what a class act in life, and you are going to be so very, very missed! Tanya was such a perfect, caring friend…I’m so terribly sorry of the loss for the families, staff, and friends of hers…

  37. Chicken Curry over Rice Wednesday and a half order of Bread Pudding. Had my order memorized for years. Mourned when you went out of business, cheered when you reopened. Now mourning again. You were a creative, shining star in Wichita.

  38. She was such a bright shining star for Wichita. We will miss her deeply, but will keep her in our hearts. Praying for comfort in this time of mourning.

  39. Tanya was Loved by so many! Our Prayers & Thoughts now turn to her Wonderful Parents & her Precious Family. Words can’t even begin to express your sorrow & our condolences!

  40. I met Tanya in 2009 at a belly dance event and immediately felt like I’d known her forever. Her warmth, caring and kindness were endless. She was a rare multi-talented treasure and I will miss her terribly. Our family will honor her by cooking her recipes- celebrating the joy through food she spread.
    My deepest condolences are with your family. Tanya will always hold a special place in my heart.

  41. To all of Tanya’s family & friends. All I can think about is why someone so special could be taken this way. I know it’s beyond our understanding. I hope the life she shared plants many seeds that will bloom in the lives of all of you. RIP Tanya.

  42. I did not know her well but I witnessed her light and know that Wichita is forever changed. Healing love to her family and many friends, and Tanya I can promise you this, Wichita will never forget you.

  43. Dr. Tandoc, Bonnie, Warren, Ann, and Elissa: you are one of the most lovely, accomplished families I know. I am so sorry for the loss of Tanya, a creative light who touched the lives of many. There is nothing to say that seems good or comforting enough. But know that Tanya was loved and you all are in my thoughts.

  44. Dr. Tandoc and Bonnie, I am so saddened by the tragic loss of your daughter. My thoughts and prayers go out to you during this difficult time.

  45. Dr. Val and Dr. Bonnie, my heart is breaking for you. My thoughts are with you and your family at this time. This is truly a tragic loss for you and for all that knew her. She was a shining star. May all of the good memories carry you for the rest of your days.
    Much love Kris

  46. A beautiful soul taken so tragically and so unnecessarily. She touched the community with her amazing spirit. She will not be forgotten.

  47. My condolences to the family. Tanya was a beautiful person and will be missed! Thoughts and prayers to the Tandoc Family

  48. Didn’t personally know here but had heard all the great things she had done for everyone I’m sure she’ll be missed..

  49. Miss you Tanya. Miss your smile, miss our simple talks, miss your wit, energy, and love for others. Love you. Rest in peace.

  50. I only met Tanya once in person but she filled the room. We stayed in touch through FB and I admired her ability to live life to the fullest-always smiling, such abundant energy, grace and generosity of spirit. My heartfelt condolences for your loss.

  51. We are absolutely shocked and ultimately saddened by Tanya’s death. She was an unending source of enthusiasm and support in the belly dance community. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. RIP, my very sweet friend.

  52. There are no words that could ease your pain. Just know that your family is in our thoughts and prayers at this very difficult time. May God give you some measure of peace and comfort as only he can.

  53. To all the members of the Tandoc family……….can’t find adequate words to express our sorrow! I remember Tanya as an intelligent, creative, beautiful little gal in first grade! More recently If I went to eat at her “Soup Kitchen” she was always gracious and would come talk to me! What an impact she has made in this world……so many words of praise, friendship, and thankfulness has been said about her by her many friends! She certainly made the world a much better place! May your warm memories of her serve as comfort during these times. We’re keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

  54. I always admired Tanya’s free spirit and willingness to take risks. She had it all; smart, talented, successful.

    Our connection was that we both grew up in Newton and we traveled in some of the same social circles. She always greeted me by name, even though years might pass before we saw each other again.

    I am so stunned, saddened and angry this happened. Nothing will ever make this right. I just wanted you to know that she had a positive impact in my life and I am so sorry this happened to your family.

    Vicki Daniel

  55. We are making a donation to the Kansas Humane Society. Thanks for letting us know about your preference.

  56. You will forever live in our hearts. Dance like you never danced and cook your soups up there, my friend! !!!

  57. Dr. Tandoc & my sweet Bonnie,
    I love you guys & I haven’t stopped thinking about you or praying for you since I heard the horrible news. I know sorry doesn’t even seem like the thing to say, in fact there are no words really. We can only hope that Jesus brings you & your family through this as we know he can, but still doesn’t help us make sense of it. You have always taken such good care of me & helped me through many trials, I can only hope that there are many friends doing that for you at this very moment!! Hugs!!

  58. My deepest sympathies to the Tandoc family. May our Heavenly father wrap his loving arms around you.

  59. I only met you once, but tell what a wonderful person and vibrant spirit you were. For as much as Wichita and the world has lost, I know the loss that your family is feeling is far deeper and will last much longer. Prayers that you have a peaceful rest and for Dr Tandoc, Bonnie, and the rest of your family.

  60. To all of the Tandocs, i want to offer my sincere condolences to you all in the loss of your beautiful Tanya. She was the kindest, cutest, most talented and most kind person I’ve ever met. I am so sorry such a wonderful person left us in such a cruel way, but I pray she finds peace and joy in eternal rest. Also that you have many, many memories to comfort you in some way in your loss.

  61. Dr.Tandoc and Bonnie Tandoc, Sorry for the loss of your daughter.I know how it feels I lost my son when he was 24 years old. Hope you get threw it together you need each other. You will always miss her like I miss my son.you will always wonder why and wished only if you knew so you could of prevented this.

  62. My heart goes out to Tanyas family. She was such a beautiful and giving person, not just to her friends, but to our community as well. Life is less bright in her absence and she will be missed greatly

  63. Sending love and light to all Tanya left behind. Especially family and close friends. I loved seeing Tanya around town and especially enjoyed spending time together quite a few years ago. She taught me how to knit! I will always be grateful for that. Her joie de vivre was contagious and admired. I loved that woman! Her bright presence will be greatly missed.

  64. A giant void has opened in Wichita when your light went out. You were so precious to so many. Prayers for your soul, your family & all who loved you.

  65. A giant void was opened in Wichita when your light went out. You were so precious to so many. Prayers for your soul, your family & all who loved you.

  66. I have fond memories of Tanya when I worked at Nifty Nut House. She was always so sweet and always kept up with what was going on in my life. She always had a smile on her face. Wichita lost a wonderful person and from all the comments I have seen she will never be forgotten.
    God bless her family. So very sorry for your loss.

  67. Serenity and courage to the Tandoc family. Thank you for sharing Tanya with us these short years. She has been and will always be a blessed impact on this entire community.

  68. Dear friends Val and Bonnie so sorry for your loss. Tanya was full of spirit and life and will be greatly missed. Prayers for you and your family!

  69. Tanya was such a wonderful, talented and giving lady.
    I’m glad I got to talk to her one last time a couple of months ago.
    I told her that hearing her on the radio when I wasn’t in the best mood cheered me up and got me through the day.
    She smiled and said she was glad she could do that.
    She was great about making people feel good. Whether it was through her cooking or the joy in dancing, her spirit and love of life was contagious.
    I pray for peace for all who loved her and rest for her precious soul.

  70. Val and Bonnie- My heart aches for you and Tayna’s brother and sister. There will never be any words to make sense of such tragedy! It is so apparent of what great parents that you are by looking at what beautiful and caring children that you have raised. GOD has a bigger plan for Tayna! She lived and spoke his word here on earth and now she is one of his beautiful angel’s in heaven and one that I’m sure will be given a task much bigger than you and I. One day we will all reunite with our loved one that went before us and what a joyful day that will be. We know that our children should not go before us but sometimes it happens. My family knows this only to well. Many, many prayers for all of you and we will remember what a caring and sharing beautiful woman Tanya is! Much love to all of you!

  71. God bless all of the family and friends if this wonderful soul! Your legacy will live on forever!

  72. I had the pleasure of eating at Tanya’s restaurant and never forgot how good the food was or what a gracious woman she was…..our city is the poorer for her tragic death. She touched the lives of so many people in such amazing ways, that light will live on forever….my profound sympathies to her friends and family….I am so terribly sorry for your loss…..

  73. Val and Bonnie
    My deepest condolences for the loss of your precious daughter. My thoughts and prayers are with your family

  74. You are in our thoughts and prayers. So saddened by this tragedy. May God give you comfort now as you remember your lovely daughter. God bless you all!

  75. May the wonderful memories of Tanya help to ease your pain. What a wonderful woman with a warm heart.

  76. It was a delight knowing Tanya and having her in my Newton High School Wind Ensemble as a fine clarinetist.

  77. Dear Bonnie and Dr Tandoc

    I am so very sorry to hear about Tanya’s death. My heart aches for you and your family. I remember Tanya doing rounds with you Bonnie on the OB unit at the hospital.

    Hugs across the miles
    Love, kris Krabill.

  78. To Bonnie, Val, Warren & Elissa: We send our love and pray that God will give you strength to endure this tragedy. We hurt for you. With deepest sympathy, Thea Ferguson, Cathy Woodward, Jane Sanders, Jill Jantz & families

  79. Unfortunately, I am out of town and will not be back for the funeral but I know it will be hugely attended by all of her many friends and mentees. We have attended many of the same events and her enthusiasm for everything, especially the food and music worlds was contagious. She will be missed by all, and hold a special place in our hearts. She will be there every time this “church soup lady” fills her soup pots. May God Bless the family and us all as we remember with smiles.

  80. Val and Bonnie
    I am so sorry. My heart breaks for you. I pray for peace and understanding today, and the days to come. What an amazing Tanya we had. In heaven she will be
    Making some amazing soup, dance, and floating about. She will be so missed.

  81. May God’s light shine upon you for all eternity.

  82. Val and Bonnie and family- I cannot even imagine the pain you are dealing with right now at the loss of Tanya. May you be blessed with some kind of justice and peace. May every bit of the love you have shown me and my parents come back to you a hundred fold and comfort you in your sadness. With much love, Jean Cumbie, Shirley and Don Schrag

  83. My deepest sympathies to the Tandoc family. Tanya was such a great teacher as a nice person she was. She always made all her students having fun in her cooking classes and replied my mail whenever I asked her recipe. Not only she gave all her knowledge she had but she always made people who knew her felt so special with her warm heart and smiling. RIP Tanya

  84. My thoughts and prayers are with family and friends who lost this precious loved one…We shall all miss Tanya…God bless you all!

  85. Bonnie and family, I am so sorry to hear of your loss of your daughter. I did not know her but she seemed like such an amazing woman who did awesome things with her life. May God Bless You All.

  86. My deepest condolences to your family. I met Tanya 20 years ago when she moved to Wichita. Although we were never close we were in the same social group and I always enjoyed speaking with her. It was her that I asked about SF before accepting a job in CA and years later when visiting Wichita she saw me and asked how life was out here. It was striking that she recalled our discussion from years before that. She truly was a treasure to the community and will be missed.

  87. I never met Tanya, but feel as if I knew her through her commentary on the radio. I wish I had known her. My deepest sympathy.

  88. My husband and I will miss hearing Tanya’s voice, and hearing her foodie adventures. She was always a bright spot that we looked forward to. We wish her family peace and love, and our thanks for sharing her beautiful soul with the world.

  89. Drs. Val & Bonnie Tandoc & family – my heart breaks for your lost of such a special, so talented young person’s life cut short. This is such a loss for you & all the lives Tanya touched. She is leaving a large hole on this earth. You are in my thoughts.

  90. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and i am praying for you Bonnie and dr Tandoc and i miss you

  91. Dr. Tandoc and Bonnie,
    There are not words to express my feelings for your tragic loss of your precious daughter, Tanya.
    She touched so many lives and me, personally! I hope you find some comfort in reading the many words of Love. Her smile will be forever missed! God Bless you and your family.
    Tammi Ernst (pharma rep) now living in Dallas, TX

  92. Tanya was so important to me as we went to as we went to Algerbra classes together she helped me pass while showing me easier ways to understand it.. Thank you Tanya me and my sister would go to the Tanya Soup kitchen weekly a day in joy something wonderful and tasty..I will miss you as we ALL WILL.God bless your family as they have to deal with what’s next..R.I.P friend. .

  93. To the Tandocs and all of Tanya’s family,

    I love Tanya and by extension you all. I will miss her and hold memories of silliness, eyerolls, music, soups and dance close.

    David Saab

  94. Tanya’s legacy will live on through her family and friends. She was well loved and respected.

  95. Dr. Val, Bonnie and family.
    I worked as a receptionist for you close to 20 yrs ago and I remember a young, smart, vibrant Tanya whom I enjoyed so much. Hearing this news I was shocked and heart broken for you and your family. May her spirit live on in your hearts as the memories of her gracious and giving life live on in your memories. God bless.
    Patty Ensz

  96. To Bonnie, Dr. Val, family and friends,
    My heartfelt sympathy to you all.
    Words can’t express the sadness this has brought to many. Her precious memories will always be yours. May hugs, love and prayers sustain you. Much love to you,

  97. For once I find it hard to say the right words, God bless all of you, you are in our hearts and prayers. Your whole family is loved by so many. May her vibrant memories leave you many smiles till you meet again.

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